The Westologist
Insights into western cultures. Shedding light on the world around us to make it more enjoyable and meaningful.
The Westologist will help you gain a refined knowledge of western arts, a strong familiarity with major western thinkers and ideas, both ancient and modern, insights into the western mind and heart, a clear understanding of the western past and the ability to put current events in context, sharper logical and critical thinking, as well as enhanced analysis and synthesis skills, and a deeper connection with western cultures in your free time, at work, in your travels.


Before 1911, the Mona Lisa was already considered a Renaissance masterpiece, but it did not have the cult status it has today.
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The 1917 poster of Uncle Sam is one of the most iconic American images, but its design and concepts are actually British in origin.
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Nike Story

Her name is now mostly known as a famous sports brand, but in ancient times she was the “winged goddess of victory,”
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Bluetooth Symbol

When you put together Viking stories and a breakthrough in wireless communication, you get Bluetooth technology, which you carry with you every day. Why is it called “Bluetooth” and why does it have a strange-looking logo?